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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How to check and change your air filter

Your car's air filter is very important since it maintains some parts of your car system clean and free of dirt. If your air filter doesn't work properly and dirt enters your car this might make it go through different problems, and therefore it is important that you check the filter and change it when necessary. Your mechanic can do it for you although it is very easy and you could do it yourself as well.

It is recommended that you change your car's air filter once a year or every 15.000 miles if you live in an averagely dusty area. But, if you can check it once in a while and replace it as soon as it needs it this would be much better. Checking it is a very easy thing to do and replace it is not complicated once you learn how to do it.

If you wish to check your car's air filter yourself and in an easy way, you can do so by using a light from inside pointing outside and check how bright it looks through it. If you see the light clearly, then your air filter is still good, but if you can't see much of the light then it indicates the filter needs to be changed.

Newer cars have different air filters than older ones. If your car is rather new, its air filter is probably rectangular and you might find it located under the hood, near the radiator area or the fender wells. In order to change it, you must open it and take the actual air filter from it, replacing it by the new and then closing it again.

If your car is older, then the air filter will probably be of a big round shape and located near the engine area. It might probably be screwed, and all you might need to do is to unscrew the cover, let the air filter come out, and place the new one instead of it. You must pay attention in case it has any other attachment mechanisms such as clips which you would need to take off as well.

How to buy a used Car at 90% savings off the book value

o buy a used car is a great idea for saving money. Everyone knows that a new car lost 65% of its value in the first 5 years. But the case would be more extreme for a 1 to 2 years old car, it will be lost its value 30-40%.

If you don¡¦t mind to drive a used car (I mean a 2 to 5 years old car, it looks pretty new) rather than a new car, you may save much money to pay any other bills. If you want to keep the car not too old, you may resell it after driving for 2 to 3 years and buy another newer one. The value of the car will only drop 15% or less for a 5 years old car. Therefore, your driving cost for 2-3 years would only be 10-15% of the car¡¦s original value.

The price quote above was only the price you buy from an ordinary car dealer. However, you can buy it much cheaper through some special channel.
Have you ever heard that around the country, hundreds of thousands of vehicles get repossessed by various institutions ranging from banks to US Customs, and every one of those cars is going to be sold at an auction, online or traditional? Usually, before, only car dealers with a special license could benefit from these incredible savings, however, with a membership at some special organization, you can join the ranks of the lucky ones and find bargains that you could only dream of. Almost nothing will be out of your range as a member of this site - you will be able to get a car you always wanted but could not afford to spend so much money on.

By the way, many people may ask why wouldn't everyone buy a car this way, instead of the usual going to the dealer or classified ads routine? The secret is: because this is a very protected source of revenue for the majority of car dealerships and is not advertised to the general public. But, if you are a member you can have access rights to the direct source and buy your vehicle with up to 90% savings off the book value price.

In conclusion, buy a used car through a special organization can help you save up to 90% off the book value. You can keep the car pretty new according to the strategy I suggested. So enjoy a pretty new car with an affordable price.

How to Buy a Used Car

There are many people out there who want to buy a used car. Why don't they just buy a new car? The answer is simple. Many people simply can't afford to buy a new car, so they must buy a used car. But before you go out to buy a used car, there are some things you should take into consideration.

First off, when you buy a new car you are the only owner of the car. This means you know where the car has been and you know it is in tip-top condition. You also get a warranty on the car. But when you buy a used car, you have no idea where the car has been or what on earth has happened to it. The car could've been in a terrible accident for all you know. Also, when you buy a used car, you probably won't get a warranty... unless if you buy a used car at a reputable dealership.

It is safer to buy a used car from a dealership, not from a newspaper ad. You also need to make sure you buy a used car from a reputable dealership. Some used car dealers are just plain sleazeballs. To be even safer, make sure when you buy a used car that the vehicle is Carfax certified. If the dealer won't provide you with this information, then there is probably a problem with the vehicle in question. Carfax is a free service that provides you with information on a cars damage history if any. You can check the Carfax report online for free, you just need the vehicles VIN number (vehicle identification number). Also, if you buy a used car "as is" you may be stuck with a lemon. Try to get a warranty on the vehicle you purchase as an added safety net.

The next tip before you buy a used car is to get your credit checked. If you are going to finance the vehicle, you better hope you don't have any blemishes on your credit report. Used car dealers make more money when you finance a car. When you buy a used car, you want to be sure you get the best APR (annual percentage rate) available. If it is too high, then try getting your loan from a bank. They may provide you with a better rate so you may then buy a used car.

Hopefully, when you go to buy a used car you will have a pleasant experience. Not all used cars are bad and not all car dealers are sleazeballs. Alas, an awful lot of them are so careful. With some street smarts and a little bit of patience, you can end up with an excellent used car that will last you many years. 

How To Buy A New Car

Car buying is not a task to be taken lightly. The cost of a new car equals almost what my parents paid for their first home. It's imperative to do behind the scenes research to ensure you get a great deal.

Do not be in a hurry. Car dealers can detect the scent of desperation a mile away! If you are totally without transportation, rent a vehicle until you find the right car. If you rush your purchase, you will usually end up on the bad end of the deal.

You can uncover the typical retail cost of a specific make and model right on the internet. With a little extra research, you can discover the wholesale cost as well. These two pieces of information give you an edge when it comes to negotiation.

It's best to work toward a win-win situation with the car salesperson. They need to make some money on the deal, and you want to pay a fair price. You can often negotiate a price that is $500 above dealer cost, or about 20% off the sticker price. Make sure you take your calculator with you when car hunting.

You can often order a car with *custom* option choices. This could save you hundreds of dollars. You might wait a couple of weeks, but why pay for options that you do not need?

Always check with the dealership to see if you can return the car if you do not like it. Many dealerships now offer this option. Some dealerships will give you a three day trial period in which to try the car.

It is a good idea to wait until the end of the month to go car hunting. Salespersons who want to meet a certain quota will be eager to strike a deal.

Knowing the value of your old car makes it easier to negotiate a better price for it. Try not to talk about a trade-in possibility until you get a purchase price. Sometimes this is difficult, as most salespeople will ask upfront about a trade in.

I took my car to one lot and was told the trade in value was $1,200. Another dealership said they would give me $3,500 for the same car! So do your research to make sure you receive a fair price on your used vehicle. Stick to your guns when it comes to getting the value of your trade-in, especially if you've had your car serviced regularly.

A service contract will likely be brought into the negotiation. Most consumer information shows no need to buy an extra contract on a new car, as it's not likely a problem will occur during the first months of use.

Whatever you do, always read the fine print of any contract before signing it. Ask questions about what certain phrases mean if and when you do not understand something.

Also, just because a car is brand new doesn't mean you should buy it without asking questions. New cars can land in the lemon category as well as used ones. Keep on your toes during the negotiation process. You will enjoy both getting a new car, AND creating a win-win situation for yourself and the dealer. 

History Of Porsche

The began in 1948, June 8th to be exact. That is when the first two-seater 356 was produced. There were 51 hands built Porsche 356/2 automobiles built in Austria. This model had a 40 hp 1.1-liter center engine.

The Porsche 911 rear engine automobile was introduced in 1963. It has been one of the biggest selling sports cars in the world. Over one million have been sold.

Porsche has a new offering for the sports car enthusiast in 2006. Positioned between the Boxster S and 911 Carrera, and marketed as an alternative to the BMW Z4 and the Mercedes SLK, the Cayman S is to start appearing in showrooms in January 2006 and will carry a price tag of $58,900.00. Porsche is only offering this hot-rod Cayman S and will not say when they will offer an entry-level model.

The Cayman S is a two-seater modified version of the Boxster convertible. The Cayman has a 295 hp 3.4-liter six-cylinder mid-engine that goes from 0-60 mph in an impressive 5.1 seconds. Similar to the Boxster S, the Cayman S has a precise six-speed manual gearbox with a double inertia flywheel and hydraulic clutch and power rear wheels. The Porsche Active Suspension Management is an electronic damping control system that is an option on the Cayman S. Switched on this system assures a smooth ride and it improves stability and grip for sharper steering responses.

Inside the Cayman S offers an onboard computer system with a continuous indication of mileage, time and speed, automatic climate control, digital radio with in-dash CD and a 7 speaker Bose Surround Sound System.

Porsche expects the new Cayman S to attract the upwardly mobile market. The company expects that Cayman buyers will be customers moving up from the Porsche Boxster. 

Here is the most up-to-date opinion with reference to cars for sale .

When you're trying to find excellent advice concerning cars for sale, you will find it hard unscrambling quality advice from foolish cars for sale suggestions and advice so it's prudent to know how to qualify the information you are often given.

Now we'd like to give you some tips that we believe you should use when you're searching for information about cars for sale. It is important to remember that the guidance we give is only appropriate to internet info about cars for sale. We don't really offer any direction or assistance when you are also conducting research offline.

An excellent piece of advice to follow when offered information and suggestions on cars for sale site would be to confirm the ownership of the site. Doing this could reveal the owner's cars for sale credibility The quickest way to work out who owns the cars for sale website is to look on the 'about' page or 'contact' page.

Any reputable site providing information about cars for sale will almost certainly provide an 'about' or 'contact' page which will record the site owner's contact details. The fine points should tell some indication about the website owner's expertise. You can then decide for yourself about the webmaster's depth of experience, to offer advice about cars for sale 

Gift Ideas for People Who are Passionate about Their Cars

Is there someone on your holiday list who would rather spend time in a chilly garage putting the finishing touches on their car’s detailing than sit by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate? If so, you’ve probably given them car related gifts in the past -- car wash gift certificates, a waxing kit, tools.

What can you buy for the car buff that has everything? The car enthusiasts at Lund International have a few suggestions that are sure to please. The company will be introducing over 50 new products in time for holiday giving. “These innovative, fun styling products let car owners express their personality and customize their vehicles,” says Lund’s Jodi Moulzolf.

Among the new products are a variety of exciting accessories for sports compacts, sold under the Auto Ventshade (AVS) brand name. Sure to be popular with car customizers are the new EVO-style scoop and sports compact cowl induction scoop. The EVO scoop has metal grille inserts to create a simulated performance hood look. Both the scoops use no-drill installation and mount with concealed 3M tape for easy assembly. The scoops are made of durable molded high impact ABS material that is easily painted to match factory colors.

For a different look, AVS has introduced carbon fiber-look hood scoops and turbo vents. These accessories are finished with a hydrographic, clear coat process that provides a high definition, carbon fiber look. “They’re ready to install, eliminating the need for painting,” explains Moulzolf.

For a complete makeover, AVS offers body kits which include front air dams, rear air dams, side skirts, and downdraft. The company also sells a four-piece flare kit. These cutting-edge styles complement many of today’s most popular sport compact vehicles such as the Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, Honda Civic, Acura RSX, Toyota Celica, Acura Integra, and Mitsubishi Lancer. The components, made from a proprietary ABS polymer blend, are sold as individual pieces or as complete kits.

All of the add-ons from AVS are carefully designed and manufactured to look like factory original equipment once they’re installed.

And don’t worry if you don’t know as much about customizing as the person you’re buying for. Auto Ventshade makes choosing the right products easy with the “Fit me up” feature on its Web site. Simply enter the make, model and year of the car you’re buying for, and you’ll be directed to products designed to fit that vehicle.

If you’re handy, part of the gift can be an offer to spend some quality time with the recipient, helping to install the new gear. If neither you nor the recipient is up to the job, consider adding a gift certificate from a local custom shop for installation. 

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer Driving

We always seem to make sure our cars are ready for the winter, right?

But what about during the summer? Believe it or not, the heat takes its toll on your car, too, so it’s important to keep your car serviced.

Periodic maintenance on your car will save you tremendous hassle in the long run. Your vehicle should last longer and command a higher resale price, too! I made it a point to get my car serviced according to the dealer’s schedule, and when I traded it in, I got far more than I expected due to the stellar condition of the engine.

Now I know this isn’t bedtime reading, but the owner’s manual can be your best friend – assuming you read it! At least take a look-through periodically. How about while you’re waiting to get your oil changed?

Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedules. This could save you a major breakdown.

Have the air conditioning system looked over by a qualified technician? A check up here can save you a huge bill later.

The greatest cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. Prevent this problem by making sure the cooling system is flushed and refilled as recommended.

Have your car’s belts, clamps, and hoses checked by a technician. This only takes a few minutes and is usually inexpensive.

Change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or four times a year.

Replace air and fuel filters as recommended.

Get plenty of windshield washer solvent – we have a tendency to use a lot of this in the winter, so your fluids may be low.

Tires should be rotated every 5000 miles or so.

Check the spare tire to make sure it’s inflated properly. Also, make sure you have a jack along with it!

Transmission troubles equal money troubles equal emotional troubles! Have your transmission serviced periodically, and prevent big-time repair bills.

If you notice that your brakes are less efficient, get them checked out right away.

Have your battery checked periodically to see how much life it has left!

Inspect all lights and bulbs to make sure they’re working.

Carry a first aid kit, flares, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a cell phone.

There you go – a simple list to keep your car in great running shape. Remember, your car needs to be maintained and checked over even in the summer.

Taking care of your car takes only a few minutes each month, and pays you big dividends for the life of your vehicle! 

How to buy a good truck or a car found at the Internet site?

The Net is constantly growing and its users develop more and more applications and utilize it in completely new ways. Several years ago a couple of new sites showed up on the Net; these sites were dedicated to the sale of automotive vehicles. Since that time the number of these sites has substantially increased and I have participated in building a search engine for used truck sale -European, American, and Russian Basing on my experience in the Internet used truck sales, I can offer you several recommendations on buying trucks and cars; I hope you'll find them very useful.

The main goal of this kind of sites is to connect sellers and buyers of automotive vehicles, both new and used. Using such sites makes vehicle trade much easier for sellers as well as for buyers. These sites create a virtual marketplace where buyers can offer their vehicles and sellers can look through the buyers’ stock. So the search for the customer or for a specific vehicle becomes unnecessary, saving lots of time and money for both parties.

In practice, it looks as follows. The seller places his vehicles at the website, usually, it is vehicle description, pictures and additional info (price, delivery terms, and contacts). See for specific examples. So when the buyer wants to buy a vehicle, he gets online, connects to the website and looks through the sellers’ vehicles. Then he gets in touch with the seller, confirms vehicle specification and availability and purchases the vehicles. Such internet trade allows shopping for vehicles located not only your vicinity but nationwide and even worldwide. Sometimes it saves a lot of money and let's find exactly what you are looking for.

It is clear that the used car or truck technical condition is a crucial factor. When choosing used truck or car, the more choice you have – the better the chances that you will buy a vehicle in good technical condition. In this case Internet purchase is a very effective solution.

So let’s contact the seller and clear everything up. It is better done by phone, though email message is also acceptable. But you will save a lot of time by making a simple phone call. Besides, the human factor in communication is very important, so pick up the phone and call him.
What should I mention during my first contact with the seller? Here is a list. But very important – write down everything the seller will say to you. Later, when you think everything over to make a decision, you will appreciate it later.

So let’s contact the seller and clear everything up. It is better done by phone, though email message is also acceptable. But you will save a lot of time by making a simple phone call. Besides, the human factor in communication is very important, so pick up the phone and call him.
What should I mention during my first contact with the seller? Important – write down everything the seller will say to you. Later, when you think everything over to make a decision, you will appreciate it.

1. First of all, represent yourself, name the reason for your call and website where you have found the truck. Ask if the vehicle is still available.

2. Let’s assume it is not sold yet. Then ask about every word in the description to check it is really true. It is much better if you spend 2 minutes of your time now than to come to the buyer after and find out that there is no air conditioning, though it was mentioned at the website.

3. Ask about everything that was not described – minor technical problems, condition of engine, body, clutch, suspension, tires, interior. Do not forget anything, you should have a complete picture in your mind. For example, the cost of new tires for a tractor truck is about 200$ for a wheel and a lot of people usually forget to ask about tire condition.

4. When it comes to price, do not be shy to argue a bit. Usually, people put a little higher price that would actually satisfy them. Anyway a little of bargaining never harmed anyone.

It is much better for if you choose several vehicles and make several calls. You should not restrict yourself to a single truck, remember – the more choice you have, the better truck you will buy.

So by this time you should have called 3-4 sellers and have 3-4 papers with the complete description at your table. Now it's your time – relax and think everything over and make your final decision. Sometimes it is wise to call the sellers again and tell them that you have a little better offers – it will surprisingly move the prices down and help you make your final decision.

That’s it, now you are ready to go and pick up your new used truck. Just don’t forget to let your eyes see everything your ears heard – take the paper with vehicle description (that you have written down during your talk with the seller) and check everything. It is very advisable that you check the truck or car at the local service center – let professionals do their job. 

Getting The Best Price For Your Used Car

You can get the best price for your used car only when a new care of the same model is being sold at the highest price. If a manufacturer gives discounted prices for a new car of the same model, you canít sell your car at the best price. In other words, the best time to sell your used car is when the prices for the model you have are at the highest. Hence the important factor that affects the price of a used car is the price of a new car of that model you own. So it is better to wait until the price of a new car of your model goes up rather than selling it when the manufacturer gives discounts for a new car of your model.

Preparing your car for selling it is a must. You have to consider what the potential buyer thinks of your car. So you have to maintain the interior and the exteriors of your car properly. If your car is not clean inside and out, the potential buyer may not think positively about your car. This simple issue might make you lose a possible deal. Therefore proper maintenance of your car is essential to fetch a good price for your used car. Some people might overlook some serious problems in the car if the car looks shiny and glowing. Touch up scratches on the exterior and interior. Make up the small dents in it. Balance the tires properly. Clean inside and out. This might fetch you a profitable deal.

The price of your car should take into consideration the mileage and the condition of the car. You might also consider the demand for that model. Cars that have run for more miles are often not preferred and they are considered ëused upí. Hence most of the people prefer cars that have run for fewer miles per year. Usually, a potential buyer would consider the price that you have fixed for your car as the asking price and he would negotiate the price. It is always better to have a margin of 5 f the price that you want to sell so that you can negotiate that 5 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Finding The Perfect Car For You

Your car may be the second largest purchase you make in your lifetime. You must take your time and not let it become an impulse decision. Before you go out browsing dealer lots consider the following:

How will I use my new car, truck or sports utility vehicle? A mini-van will fit fine in a large family but might be out of place in a single life. Do you go off-road a lot but still like to carry more than 2 passengers, go for the SUV. Trucks have come along way with most comforts available in today's truck rivaling luxury cars. But do you really need that to carry construction equipment to the job site? If you do not go off-road, do not buy a 4 wheel drive truck. The extra weight will only decrease gas mileage and increase maintenance costs. Afraid of the snow? Look to the variety of AWD vehicles on the market which provides excellent traction in the snow and also more economical operation. Take a serious look at your life and find the vehicle that most compliments your lifestyle.

Color choices. This is a personal preference but rational can come into play. In warmer climates, a lighter colored car will stay cooler. Certain cars are easier to keep clean. White and black are the worst while tanning, silver, and brown hide dirt quite well.

Interior options. Do you need the heated seats? Well, that depends on where you live and how much winter driving you to do. Leather seats can be unbearable in the summer months and generally harder to maintain. Do you listen to music often? The premium sound system might be a great idea if you do, however, if you only listen to talk radio then the standard system will be more than enough.

Insurance rates. Take into consideration the insurance rates before you start your car buying quest. A Honda may be significantly cheaper to insure than the Ferrari that caught your eye last week. Talk with your insurance agent to find out about how cars are classified. Sports cars generally raise premiums while family cars tend to lower them.

Who will service the vehicle? Having a dealership close by can be a blessing. If there are no dealerships nearby, buy a domestic car which most mechanics can work on. It is also important to examine the warranty offered before making a decision.
I hope the few comments and suggestions above have given you some things to think about. Never rush into a new or used car purchase. Always take some time to think it over. If it helps, get out a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of all the vehicle you are considering. Writing down this information is often all you need to get you thinking practically and on your way to making a good selection. 

Finding Cheap Car Transport Services

If you are moving a standard passenger car and want to investigate different car transport trailer options there are many possibilities in today’s auto shipping industry offered to the discerning customer. Open multi-car transport is the most economical and popular option for moving unrestored collector vehicles or everyday cars.

In most situations, your car will be conveyed on an eight or 10-car carrier, the same kind of trucks used to deliver new cars. These trucks are 75 to 80 feet long and about 13 feet high. They can be difficult to maneuver and are limited to major roads that are free of low hanging trees and low clearance bridges. Make sure you are aware of this fact when directing the truck to the pick-up location or to your home.

When a transporter mentions pick up window they are referring to the time surrounding your pick update. For instance, some shippers may have a 14-day window - that way they can pick your vehicle up anywhere between seven days before and seven days after your pick up date. Lower priced carriers will not specify their pick updates, you, however, may receive an outstanding price. The downside is that you may not see your vehicle for four or five weeks.

Make sure that the cheap car transport company you choose shows proof of their federal license and insurance requirements. There are many transport companies who do not carry the federal license, bond, or insurance requirements, and will move your car for a low fee, but this leaves you unprotected against theft and damage.

When you are shopping around for an inexpensive car transport service confirm what the total cost of the shipping will be right up front, this will help identify any hidden costs that may arise during the transport, like a fuel surcharge or extra road insurance. As you obtain quotes from several car transport and auto shipping companies, be prepared to provide: the origin of pick-up destination, departure date, size and type of cars, type of car transport service you need like door-to-door car transport as opposed to terminal-to-terminal.

Terminal-to-terminal is almost always cheaper. Special car mover or auto shipping requests will usually incur additional costs. If your vehicle is not delivered within the agreed upon dates some cheaper auto transport companies will reimburse you some amount of cash per day towards the rental of an automobile, keep your receipts.

With today’s multitude of competing for car transport businesses, your chances for finding cheap car transport services are excellent, you can be assured that your search for the best inexpensive car transport service will not go unrewarded. 

Finding a Great Car Accessory

A car accessory is something you add to your car to make it look better and to add some style. Many people want a cool car accessory to accent their car. A car accessory can make your car look great. A car accessory can help you to personalize your car. Whatever your reason may be for purchasing a car accessory, you will surely enjoy doing it.

A car accessory can often be pricey. But before we get into that kind of a car accessory, let's start with the cheaper ones. A cheap car accessory that many people enjoy is stickers. This car accessory can be a funny statement, a social cause, or an achievement. Another inexpensive car accessory is bobbleheads. They are often famous people or silly animals. These are always fun to look at.

A car accessory is sometimes a necessary thing. An example of this kind of a car accessory is floor mats. Floor mats can either be plain colored or have a catchy design. Another often needed car accessory is air fresheners. As you know, cars can get smelly. Many people find this car accessory to be a blessing.

Now we will move on to the more expensive kind of car accessory. This type of car accessory is often electronic in nature. An electronic car accessory can be a blacklight, neon headlights, CD player, or even a DVD player to keep the kids quiet while you are trying to drive. A similar car accessory would be to add a PlayStation or an Xbox to your car with a television unit to play on. This car accessory is not recommended because it can be ever so distracting to the driver.

Another expensive, yet sometimes necessary car accessory is an in-dash GPS (global positioning system). A GPS helps many drivers get to and from various locations. It is kind of like an onboard automated map. A GPS can cost you between $500 and $1500 so you must decide on if you really need it. Another example of an expensive car accessory is a radar detector. This helps drivers know when a police officer may be nearby looking for speeding cars. A radar detector alerts you so you can slow down and avoid a speeding ticket. A radar detector is not really needed unless you are the type of person who likes to speed.

Whether you want a car accessory to better personalize your car or to help you avoid speeding tickets, you will surely have a bunch to choose from. Take your time and seek out the one that is best for you. There are a lot of places to go for car accessories. Have fun and enjoy yourself while you shop.